BEACH CUTS is dedicated to delivering legendary service, exceptional value, consistency and professional guidance in prescribing quality personal care products and services for our clients. Robb's  number one goal is to develop a lifelong relationship with the Client by understanding and delivering to his/her needs. Robb is committed to continued education, open communication, and respect for one another's ideas.



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How Robb accomplishes his mission is as important as the mission itself. Fundamental to success for himself and his business are these basic values and goals.  To transform the client's routines of hair, nail and skin care into an essential regimen of personal renewal and social connectivity. To help one's "self" to be realized and to enhance and strive for self love and fulfillment.

Robb has been working as a hair designer and nail technician since 1988.  During this time he has acquired a variety of experience.  He has mastered his knowledge of using his artistic abilities to benefit his clients needs.  Robb offers a complete range of services and products featuring the most up-to-date and innovative approach to the beauty industry.

His commitment to quality hair and nail care does not stop with your visit to the salon.  While it is extremely important to keep up with regularly scheduled appointments, it is also equally vital to maintain and care for your hair between visits.

Future Plans
Robb has become dedicated to the ongoing education and training in the field of hair and nails, qualifying him to recommend the right combination of hair and nail services as well as the beneficial hair care products for you.


Salon Staff:

Robb McDonnell, Owner / Stylist

Robb currently has 24 Years experience and is Licensed and Educated in the field of Cosmetology.  He attended Premier College of Cosmetology - and AVEDA School Academy located in South Bend, Indiana, with continuing education in Chicago, Illinois. which has landed him in extensive training of Cutting, Styling, Color and Color correcting, and has acquired  many certificates of both design and retail merchandising awards.